Ancient Egypt 3000-300 BC


Ancient Egyptians, the creator of Pyramids, hieroglyphics and the first race to create on a large, very, very large scale works of art, but not just random art! These incredible stone carved pictures  tell a story.


The Egyptians wanted a permanent record, because as you would imagine stories for hundreds and thousands of years were told and naturally changed according to who told it. So the Egyptians though they would carve their stories into stone so that is was their exact story that was told, how they wanted it.


The Egyptians were the first to create what we call an alphabet, yes the first kind of alphabet is the ancient hieroglyphics, again why did they create these? To keep track of events, to make sure that the stories they wrote were untouched and told how they wanted it to be.


Amun, Anubis, Aten, Atum and Bastet just five of the amazing 29 Gods that the Egyptians believed in, to an extent that they created massive art works of these Gods. These are the first records of Gods that we have found through history.



The Egyptians were the first race to create paper, they created this from using papyrus plants which were easy to get as they grew in vast amounts along the river. For more information on how they created the paper please visit :



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