Pre History

Pre History, what is it? Pre History means before we, the human race was able to formally record historical events.

We only know what we know about this time era because of amazing things like cave paintings. The ability to create an image and the ability to create the resources needed, is just amazing. The need to express ones self is a factor that has always been in the human DNA it started from cavemen drawing on stone and inside caves to the amazing arts of Van Goth, I ask you this; if the cavemen had not had the time to create all these self expressive arts would we have modern art to the ability it is now?


Cavemen took the ability of intelligence and used it to their advantage, they used their intelligence to create weapons, fires and many more things. Being able now to create weapons and fires, the whole process of hunting and cooking was sped up dramatically, which led them to have a lot of spare time; it is in that spare time that they created the earliest forms of art and story telling. Something we have shared for millions of years with the cavemen is the ability to gather round in small groups and talk. We do it everyday, in meetings, in school and at parties.


2 comments on “Pre History

  1. Claire Halton says:

    Your about half way there the historical periods that you have covered. I would keep updating your blog but its understandable that this is still in development and its got some good pictures. After all pictures are worth a thousand words. Keep up the work 🙂

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