Ancient Greece 500-300 BC


Ancient Greece gave us amphi-theatres , sculpture art and the ancient Greek Gods.

Amphi-theatres were created by the Greeks to use for their entertainment, it was created in a way that all of the sound would stay in side the area. You will see this in the picture.


As you can see, they were MASSIVE and guess what? This exact format is still being used to date, that is because the format is extremely clever and will be continued to be used for years to come.


Sculpture! The amazing detail that the Greeks could put into these amazing statues was incredible, but what and why did they do this? To tell a story, to tell their story and mostly to be remembered.

They believed that if you make a very accurate representation of that person through sculpturing that person would be at peace after death and would not haunt anyone.


Gods, Greek Gods; like the Egyptians they had their own not just one god, but many.

They used the skills in sculpturing to create huge creations of Gods that they believed in, they believed doing so would keep them safe.


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