The Roman Empire


So here come the Romans, what did they give us? Paths/roads, military, money(coins) formalised alphabet(simplified) aqueducts.

‘All roads lead to Rome’ thats the saying and for good reason, Romans were the first to create paths which outstandingly still stand today. Romans created the roads so that it would be easier to transfer goods but more importantly to move their military quicker and more efficiently, this allowed them to go on and dominate and control a vast amount of land from Britain, Egypt, Asia Africa and so on before eventually falling in 430 AD.


The Roman military, what did they do for us? They were the first army to use tactics and strategies to win wars. By doing that they managed to become the most powerful force in that era. They used the latest technology such as steel armour, swords and shields.


Romans gave us the first type of money with the Roman ‘king’ engraved into the coins which would let the Roman king constantly be remembered by his people. There were also messages on the coins which some say were for reassurance to the people.


The Romans did a very great deal for us, but one of the most important things they did was simplify the alphabet, they gave us an easier understanding alphabet compared to the old Egyptian hieroglyphics. In fact now days we still use the Roman language to an extent, for instance the French, Italian and Spanish languages known for their sexy and attractive accents comes from the Romans hence ‘ Romance’ language.


The Romans gave us an efficient source of clean water by building these huge water transportation systems called Aqueducts, what this did was give them more time to build on their military and empire also I am sure that the rate of illness caused from dirty water dropped dramatically.


In conclusion the Romans were the point where the human race’s intelligence and abilities to create was increasing at an amazing rate, this is because now that there was some kind of Empire that meant the people who would normally be defending themselves from bandits, walking miles for water and spending more and more time trying to find food would have this all given to them, they would of course have their role in this empire such as someone might be told to be in charge of the food but overall they had less to do, also they were being educated and from this they used this extra time to evolve as a race and start creating amazing things.


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