21st century and beyond



The 21st century has given us technologies that the ancient Greeks and Romans would have never even dreamt about, we now have these tiny mobile phones which connect to the internet with a single touch, medicine has advanced dramatically and we have touch screen phones, laptops and tablets. 21st century saw the world takeover from Apple, led by the mighty Steve Jobs.

We now have advanced transport, new cars, buses, coaches ECT which have increased not only in number but in how well they perform.

Another thing that we have in the 21st century is 3D, CGI and more! The introduction to 3D was mostly in cinemas but recently they have combined that technology to be used on gaming and everyday TV. You can now watch your favourite sports in HD 3D which is high definition 3D.


Now we get to one of the biggest impacts on our lifestyle that ever happened in the 21st century, which is Social Networking for example Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace and many, many more; but how can a mere website change a way someone lives their life? Well because of facebook friends could speak through that, send happy birthday wishes, access mini games, see pictures, add pictures ECT agreed it still doesnt sound like that could change a way someone lives, but compared to the days where to see or speak to our friends we would physically have to get up and get out to meet them, also where we use to send cards to our friends, no need do it on Facebook for FREE! 

Well now we come to the language we have started to use, ‘OMG CBA M8 YOLO’ now if your an elderly person, or someone who has no interest in the internet you might not know what this means, that actually means ‘ Oh My God Cant Be Asked Mate, You Only Live once’ is this new generation getting lazier or just smarter? 

So we come to mobile phones which in the 21st century are always getting better faster and more reliable, they are always on which allow people to get in touch most of the time so your never unable to be contacted. 

There is so much we have that it would take me forever to write it all out, therefore I am going to write a short list of the things that I personally use in the 21st century: PS3, Mac Book Pro, HD TV, Cannon DSLR, Editing Software (FCP) Digital watches and so much more! All these things have become part of my life and i’m sure if you are reading this you can relate to this. 

Online movie streaming, now I know for a FACT that millions of people around the world everyday access the internet to watch movies that are in cinema, on DVD and in some rare case not released in cinema yet! Now what this does is destroy the cinema market and DVD sales therefore people who make these films are not getting as much money, but who would pay to watch a film when they can watch it for free? Is it wrong? With the prices they charge maybe not!

Another thing I feel the need to mention is the ever growing services of the internet, it is always getting better, faster and less viruses. 

We have touch based technology such as iPhones, iPods, iPads which for the older generation is too much to handle in some cases, but for the younger generation these are brilliant! I can vouch for that!

So where do I think we will be in about 50 years time? I honestly could not imagine what could top this century, but I am sure they will as the world is forever evolving so is the technologies and as the 21st century has proven, there are no longer any limits.  



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